A New Faction Is Born!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, waffle lovers and haters of all ages.... today we have some great news: Operation Ida is now a player faction in-game!  

Our home system is Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41 and we have started there with 9% influence. Currently there is no faction description in the system map, this will be added sometime in the future by support.  Over the next coming days/weeks we will be looking to take Malthus Terminal from Aegis Research. This will help us massively next time Aegis go into lockdown as we will still have Malthus open for business. 

While our main focus as always will be on what we do best: moving butt-tons of cargo regularly in our repair efforts - we will be posting some orders and suggestions on how we can improve as a faction through the relevant channels and tasklist.

Thank you everyone for your continued hard work and support. Without a committed and fun group, plus a lot of persistence from you that we wanted an Operation Ida faction in-game - we wouldn't have got this far.

Go Operation Ida!


Martin Inglis