Hudson Observatory Repaired

Hudson Observatory Repaired

Why donate?

Operation Ida is a player created and funded group, we regularly run events and give away in-game and real-life prizes to those who help us repair stations. All swag and prizes that we award in our events are paid for by players, primarily our Admin team.

Your contribution is in no way expected or required but should you choose to donate it would be greatly appreciated.

100% of all donations will go to purchasing and shipping of Ida swag, as well as purchasing giveaway paint packs and ship kits.

We are dedicated to 100% accountability in the funds that we raise via donation, below is a running total and complete list of all donations and purchases made to date (for privacy no names will be listed)

  • -$4.00 — (6/9/2019 Paint pack prize purchased)

  • -$3.94 — (6/5/2019 paint pack prize purchased)

  • +$28.38 — (5/25/2019 donation)

  • +$23.97 — (4/25/2019 Donation)

  • +$23.97 — (4/13/2019 Donation)

Current Funds: $68.38