Operation Ida
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“We Move Mountains”


The Pleiades was burning
Hundreds of independent commanders banded together to help Operation Ida repair the region. However, our work is not done yet. Dozens of stations in the Bubble still remain offline…
Our goal is to fix them too!


Operation Ida is a joint initiative welcoming commanders from any group, faction, or power. We are open to all players that are willing to participate peacefully in this operation.

Make no mistake: this is a huge undertaking. Most of the stations we are aiming to repair require hundreds of thousands, if not millions of tons of supplies to repair. While the quality of infrastructure in the Bubble may be far more substantial than the Pleiades region where our repairs started, we now face an uphill battle. Week after week the Thargoids have attacked a growing number of stations, we must stem the bleeding if humanity has a hope of survival.

This great challenge is not without its rewards though. Every station that is brought back online is a huge win for the galactic community - not to mention another potential source of supplies to be used for continued repairs.

Join the repair efforts today! https://discord.gg/h3BN7sF

Many argue that what humanity does best is go to
war, and there certainly is ample evidence for that. But
there is also a massive and growing body of evidence
that humanity’s true strength lies in our ability to band
together against apparently insurmountable odds,
and pool our collective efforts to achieve something
astounding. The pilots of Operation IDA and the other
groups tirelessly shuttling materials to the wounded
stations are proof positive of this resolve.
— Calvert, Louis. “Operation IDA: Saving the Pleiades.” Sagittarius Eye, 5 Feb. 3304, www.sagittarius-eye.com
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Current Repair Target:

Chaviano Dock in HIP 12155

Next Repair Target:

More secret than our beryllium waffle recipe

Stations Repaired to Date:

Total repaired by Operation Ida: 72

15 October 3305

Polya Station in Harrigi

7 October 3305

Lange Port in Tangua

2 October 3305

Comper Dock in Tangua

26 September 3305

Iqbal Installation in Gciriko

16 September 3305

Dalton Terminal in Valtam

9 September 3305

Pelt Orbital in Gorengathi

3 September 3305

Shaw Port in Kotigeni

1 September 3305

V1G Apology in Cegreeth

31 August 3305

Hamuy Port in Apishna

25 August 3305

Enoch Port in Agartha

23 August 3305

Kaiser Terminal in Wayutabal

17 August 3305

Froud Hub in HIP 17298

15 August 3305

Goddard Hub in HR 3499

11 August 3305

Dornier Terminal in Ngaiawang

7 August 3305

Roosa Terminal in Veja Deng

4 August 3305

Grabe Ring in T’ien Mu

Titan’s Daughter in Taygeta

1 August 3305

Cavalieri in Electra

28 July 3305

Cyllene Orbital in Atlas

20 July 3305

Morris Station in Shoki Yine

12 July 3305

England Hub in Jataya

10 July 3305

Bradfield Ring in HR 826

7 July 3305

Amnuel Dock in Kwiamoni

6 July 3305

Mason Port in Uodigaenta

Jokster’s Station in LTT 911

5 July 3305

Wang Estate in Ross 1057

Metcalf Station in HIP 44811

4 July 3305

Schirra Dock in Coriccha

Mendez Terminal in Jombu

29 June 3305

Curtis Outpost in Ross 1057

24 June 3305

Julian Market in Aganippe

21 June 3305

Liwei Terminal in GD 140

17 June 3305

Cori City in BD+41 1865

15 June 3305

Leberecht Tempel Hub in HIP 4024

12 June 3305

Davies City in Devane

2 June 3305

Gaultier de Varennes Settlement in Camulus

27 May 3305

Anderson Orbital in Palanti

25 May 3305

Kuchemann City in HIP 16348

21 May 3305

Ikeya Orbital in Machatkwa

18 May 3305

Fabian Terminal in Badbadzist

9 May 3305

Dominique Holdings in Brib

28 Apr 3305

KRAMSKI Holding in CD-54 471

22 Apr 3305

Barnwell Station in UGP 145

18 April 3305

Ramelli Terminal in Li Tzicnii

14 April 3305

Quaglia Dock in Oraon

11 April 3305

Bresnick Orbital in Ross 695

9 April 3305

Furukawa Port in 61 Virginis

8 April 3305

Bethke Ring in Werapana

6 April 3305

Dyomin Station in HIP 23395

Jett Market in HIP 23395

4 April 3305

Mattingly Dock in Padhyas

1 April 3305

Gardner Hub in Bhagutsuk

30 March 3305

Levi-Cevita Dock in HIP 21167

25 March 3305

Copernicus Observatory in Asterope

Last Damaged Station in the Pleiades

17 March 3305

Artemis Lodge in Celaeno

11 March 3305

Cyllene Orbital in Atlas

1 March 3305

Cavalieri in Electra

16 February 3305

Cleaver Prospect in Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57

31 December 3304

Asami Orbital in Pleiades Sector JC-V d2-62

18 November 3304

Liman Legacy in HIP 16753

31 October 3304

Kipling Orbital in Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-11

6 October 3304

Cavalieri in Electra

re-attacked 12/3304

8 September 3304

Bao Landing in HIP 17497

12 August 3304

Kamov Survey in HIP 17892

23 July 3304

Artemis Lodge in Celaeno

Re-Attacked 02/3305

6 July 3304

Titan's Daughter in Taygeta

21 June 3304

Reed's Rest in Merope

Repaired as a reward of the Pleiades Starport Restoration CG

13 May 3304

Borrego's Vision in Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-7

3 May 3304

Cyllene Orbital in Atlas

Re-Attacked 02/3305

28 March 3304

Hudson Observatory in HIP 17694

14 March 3304

Malthus Terminal in Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-41

1 March 3304

The Oracle in Delphi (formerly known as Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55)


[The Oracle] was the first station to be attacked by the Thargoids and it is the first station to be repaired by Operation Ida. Let this station be a beacon of hope for the people living in the Pleiades Nebula for they can now know that they’re not forgotten.
— Fett_Li upon news of the completion of repairs on The Oracle

Contributing Player Groups

  • Interplanetary Explorations (IPX)

  • Ceremonial Teabaggers

  • Sirius Inc

  • Cannon

  • Hanks Anti-Xeno Initiative (HAAX)

  • Anti-Xeno Initiative (AXI)

  • Galactic Pathfinders Group (GPG)

  • The Hive

  • Paladin Consortium

  • Sagittarius Eye (SAGi)

  • Mobius Xeno Corps

  • Federal Democratic Congress

  • The Silverbacks

  • Vox Populi

  • 10th Legion

  • Hutton Orbital Truckers (HOT-POT)

  • Remlok Industries (RI)

  • R3D

  • Children of Raxxla (CoR)

  • Leviathan Scout Regiment (LSR)

  • ED's 38

  • Third Independent Fleet (3IF)