Kamov Survey Complete!

Another station has been completed! Awesome work everyone, Kamov Survey will be back online in the early hours of the 16th August.

Our next target is Bao Landing in HIP 17497. This is one of the last stations in the Pleiades that has fairly easy commodities to be delivered across the board. There are some delicious CMM's which may equally excite or disgust many of you out there.

While we were advised by FD that the cargo delivery bug had been fixed for stations, several players consistently observed missing deliveries for Kamov Survey. This time around we will be collecting data on all deliveries and reporting them to FD so this can be looked into further. To help us collect this data, please can you post what you have delivered in our new #deliveries-for-bao channel. You can post what you've delivered for the day, or if it's easier for you then please feel free to post each delivery.

I'd like to also thank all those members of Ida who have helped out making this place operate efficiently while many of the current staff have been busy elsewhere. You all rock. We're currently expanding our staff list to ensure we can cater for everyone at all times. If you'd like to help out, please let us know!

Another fantastic job by Ida!



Martin Inglis
A New Faction Is Born!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, waffle lovers and haters of all ages.... today we have some great news: Operation Ida is now a player faction in-game!  

Our home system is Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41 and we have started there with 9% influence. Currently there is no faction description in the system map, this will be added sometime in the future by support.  Over the next coming days/weeks we will be looking to take Malthus Terminal from Aegis Research. This will help us massively next time Aegis go into lockdown as we will still have Malthus open for business. 

While our main focus as always will be on what we do best: moving butt-tons of cargo regularly in our repair efforts - we will be posting some orders and suggestions on how we can improve as a faction through the relevant channels and tasklist.

Thank you everyone for your continued hard work and support. Without a committed and fun group, plus a lot of persistence from you that we wanted an Operation Ida faction in-game - we wouldn't have got this far.

Go Operation Ida!


Martin Inglis
Artemis Lodge Active Again!

As of midday today the final tons have been delivered to Artemis Lodge in Celaeno! With the completion of this station IDA has hopefully made progress in our goal of bringing purpose back to the pretty parts of the Pleiades. Titan's Daughter and Artemis Lodge, two absolutely gorgeous stations in stunning locations are now repaired and the Pleiades is starting to come back to life. 

Following the long repair effort that was Titan's Daughter, Artemis Lodge was a decently easy target taking us under a month to complete; while working on the end of Titan's Daughter for the start of that. We will be continuing that theme with our next target of Kamov Survey in HIP 17892. Kamov needs just over 800k in supplies which is less than Artemis's starting totals however it does need more long range. In addition Kamov is an Industrial station and has a chance to provide much needed local supplies out here in the Pleiades once online!

Before we start the process of repairing Kamov Survey I want to take a minute to thank everyone who worked so hard on Artemis Lodge. This was a very quick repair, even faster than we expected and that is incredible as this isn't easy work we are all doing out here in the Pleiades and it's good to see the motivation is still there to get these things repaired! IDA as a whole came together to make this repair possible, however I would like to take a moment to thank @Poltargeist#7921,  @Resurgence#6789, and @tnks4listening#8130 for they individual help in either mass hauling numbers, daily update support, or just generally providing motivation and information to fellow haulers. You all make IDA what it is!

Another fantastic job IDA!


CMDR Light027

Jacob Musikantow
Titan's Daughter Back Online!

I suppose this is better late than never, come to think of it maybe that also says something about the overall repair effort for Titan’s Daughter… Either way freaking fantastic work and thank you to everyone who helped haul commodities to Titan’s. She was not an easy station and following the server downtime tonight she will be back online and functional again!

As @Ninj previously stated Titan’s Daughter was our first of two repair targets with the goal of: “Bringing purpose back to the pretty parts of the Pleiades.”

Our next target, where full scale hauling work is already underway, is Artemis Lodge in Celaeno. Like Titan’s Daughter, Artemis Lodge is located in a beautiful system, sitting directly above the rocky ring of a planet.

For now we want to take a moment to thank every single one of you who have continued to haul tirelessly and help us bring the Pleiades back to life. Us at IDA wish the Hive well with their newly repaired station and thank them for the help they provided in getting her repaired. Lastly, I would personally like to thank one of our Coordinators, @Zayn_till, who continually helped support the daily operations of IDA during the Titan’s Daughter repair efforts and beyond.

Awesome job IDA! o7

CMDR Light027

Jacob Musikantow
Reed's Rest Back Online Following Pleiades Community Goal

GalNet News Post, 21 June 3304:

"Starports Recover from Thargoid Strikes

Three starports attacked and damaged by Thargoid forces have now been restored to full functionality.

Carter Armstrong, chief administrator with Aegis Core, told the press:

“When we requested help to repair Thargoid-hit starports, we hoped the galactic community would be generous, but they exceeded our expectations. A colossal influx of materials has enabled us to repair two stations in the core systems in record time.”

“I’m pleased to announce that Armstrong Enterprise in the Bhal system and Beaufoy Vision in the Nauni system are now open for business. Keeping these starports operable allows us to honour those who lost their lives in the Thargoid attacks. Enormous thanks to everyone who participated.”

Senior Engineer Lilith Galloway of Aegis Research, who coordinated a parallel project, released a similar statement:

“Here in the Pleiades, survival is never guaranteed. But Reed's Rest in Merope has endured, thanks to the galactic community’s incredible support. This is what we do when things get tough – we rebuild and come back stronger.”

All three starports are now fully operational and providing a range of services."

Jacob Musikantow
Pleiades Starport Restoration Community Goal Comes to an End

Today marks the end of the Pleiades Starport Restoration Community Goal. A huge thanks to everyone both in IDA and outside of it who helped to haul to the CG. A special shoutout to our own CMDRs ZaynTill and Poltargeist who placed #1 and #2 with over 160k and 146k hauled, respectively. In addition 8 of the top 10 commanders were IDA members which is an insane accomplishment. Well done IDA!

With just over 4.1m tons hauled the CG fell slightly short of reaching tier 4, however 4 million tons is a huge amount hauled. With little information shared as to how this goal will affect our repair efforts in the Pleiades all we can do is wait with excited anticipation for it to occur.

In the meantime hauling efforts will now be resuming at Titan’s Daughter in Taygeta. 

Again to all who helped out at this community goal, IDA and the residents of the Pleiades thank you.


CMDR Light027

Jacob Musikantow
Borrego's Vision Completed in Record Time

Great work everyone, Borrego's Vision has received all the required commodities to bring it back online. Awesome work there, that was a job well done - we smashed it! Our next phase will be a big challenge, with 2 intended stations to repair. We are going to be:

Bringing purpose back to the pretty parts of the Pleiades.

Our next targets will be Titan's Daughter in Taygeta and Artemis Lodge in Celaeno. These stations, located in beautiful locations will take time and effort to bring back online. With these stations brought back into operation we can only build on the fame and pride of our Operation. Our focus will begin with Titan's Daughter and will change to Artemis Lodge, depending on supply levels.

Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work in making those deliveries. Without your efforts we wouldn't be doing such a great job. I would also like to say a big thank you not only to all the haulers out there, but to our dedicated coordinators who help keep things running. So a big shout out to Darth Dev and Light027!

Go Ida! o7


Jacob Musikantow
Cyllene Orbital Finally Finished

Well done Operation Ida members - all the required commodities to repair Cyllene Orbital have been received. It's been a long slog to complete this station but it's good to know we will have another local refinery to help out with future repair efforts in the Pleaides. I know it has been particularly frustrating travelling over 12k LS to make regular deliveries in the Atlas system and having the corrupt, greedy swine called the local authorities divert your cargo elsewhere once it has been delivered. The workers who are finalizing the repairs have now apparently decided that they're unhappy with this state of affairs and are holding a strike until sometime next week so we will have to wait a few days before the station comes back online. Damn them all.

Thank you for your perseverance in making deliveries, and as always for the wonderful camaraderie that has been established. You are all awesome. The good news is that our next station will be a lot easier. As has been mentioned elsewhere before in the Discord this will be Borrego's Vision in Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-7.

Good luck, happy hauling and I look forward to meeting many of you out there!



Hudson Observatory Completed

Hudson Observatory has received all the required deliveries.. Another achievement reached, go Operation Ida! That makes 3 stations we have worked on as a team, with 4 repaired overall in the Pleiades. Our next target is Cyllene Orbital in the Atlas system. This is another refinery. The supercruise distance is a little longer than those we've repaired so far, however it's not a killer. To our Hutton Truckers, it's laughable. Be strong, keep hauling and thank you for all your contributions - whatever amount you're able to commit to.

Remember to maintain legal speeds around the repaired station. With a 12k LS supercruise you will be kicking yourself if you get fined and can't hand in cargo. If you need to clear off your fine, there are interstellar factors at Obsidian Orbital in Maia, Malthus Terminal in Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41 and Oort Orbital in Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4.

Thanks once again and let's get these stations repaired. o7


Jacob Musikantow
Malthus Terminal Completed


Another great achievement - Malthus Terminal has been completed! This will give us another refinery to work with in the Pleiades. Our next target is Hudson Observatory in HIP 17694. Please remember to watch your speed around the station, if you get fined then you will be unable to sell cargo until the fine is cleared. Currently this station is owned by Sirius Mining Merope and fines can be cleared at stations in Merope (Alcazar's Hope and Omega Prospect), Pleione (Stargazer) and HR 1183 (Arc's Faith). There is also an Interstellar Factor available at Obsidian Orbital in Maia.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and high spirits. Go team!


Jacob Musikantow
The Oracle Completed

Greetings CMDRs, Today is a great day as we reached our first goal of repairing The Oracle. A criminal gang has been discovered hoarding and selling the supplies on the black market. As part of the bust, huge quantities of repair equipment was found and handed over to the maintenance teams who have worked double time to bring the station to 100%. This was the first damaged to be attacked by the Thargoids and it is the first station to be repaired by Operation Ida. Let this station be a beacon of hope for the people living in the Pleiades Nebula for they can now know that they're not forgotten.

I'd like to thank all those CMDRs that collectively worked to repair The Oracle - especially I'd like to thank the Hutton Orbital Truckers who not only hauled large amounts of commodities but also spread the word for Operation Ida and supported us with their knowledge about the universe in general. And I'd like to thank Obsidian Ant for spreading the word as well. But there are many other player groups that supported us additionally, e. g. the 77th FSD, the Federal Democratic Command, R3D and Third Independent Fleet. And all of this wouldn't have been possible without the support of the coordinators Ninj, Relix Typhon, Darth Dev, Bigmaec, Killshooter and weakspleen .

Our next goal is to repair a Refinery station and the coordinators decided to repair Malthus Terminal next as further Refinery supplies should boost the repair progress for other stations:

I hope for continuous support of all our CMDRs out there! Happy hauling and fly safe

CMDR Fett_Li

Jacob Musikantow