The Oracle Completed

Greetings CMDRs, Today is a great day as we reached our first goal of repairing The Oracle. A criminal gang has been discovered hoarding and selling the supplies on the black market. As part of the bust, huge quantities of repair equipment was found and handed over to the maintenance teams who have worked double time to bring the station to 100%. This was the first damaged to be attacked by the Thargoids and it is the first station to be repaired by Operation Ida. Let this station be a beacon of hope for the people living in the Pleiades Nebula for they can now know that they're not forgotten.

I'd like to thank all those CMDRs that collectively worked to repair The Oracle - especially I'd like to thank the Hutton Orbital Truckers who not only hauled large amounts of commodities but also spread the word for Operation Ida and supported us with their knowledge about the universe in general. And I'd like to thank Obsidian Ant for spreading the word as well. But there are many other player groups that supported us additionally, e. g. the 77th FSD, the Federal Democratic Command, R3D and Third Independent Fleet. And all of this wouldn't have been possible without the support of the coordinators Ninj, Relix Typhon, Darth Dev, Bigmaec, Killshooter and weakspleen .

Our next goal is to repair a Refinery station and the coordinators decided to repair Malthus Terminal next as further Refinery supplies should boost the repair progress for other stations:

I hope for continuous support of all our CMDRs out there! Happy hauling and fly safe

CMDR Fett_Li

Jacob Musikantow