Pleiades Starport Restoration Community Goal Comes to an End

Today marks the end of the Pleiades Starport Restoration Community Goal. A huge thanks to everyone both in IDA and outside of it who helped to haul to the CG. A special shoutout to our own CMDRs ZaynTill and Poltargeist who placed #1 and #2 with over 160k and 146k hauled, respectively. In addition 8 of the top 10 commanders were IDA members which is an insane accomplishment. Well done IDA!

With just over 4.1m tons hauled the CG fell slightly short of reaching tier 4, however 4 million tons is a huge amount hauled. With little information shared as to how this goal will affect our repair efforts in the Pleiades all we can do is wait with excited anticipation for it to occur.

In the meantime hauling efforts will now be resuming at Titan’s Daughter in Taygeta. 

Again to all who helped out at this community goal, IDA and the residents of the Pleiades thank you.


CMDR Light027

Jacob Musikantow