Titan's Daughter Back Online

I suppose this is better late than never, come to think of it maybe that also says something about the overall repair effort for Titan’s Daughter… Either way freaking fantastic work and thank you to everyone who helped haul commodities to Titan’s. She was not an easy station and following the server downtime tonight she will be back online and functional again!

As @Ninj previously stated Titan’s Daughter was our first of two repair targets with the goal of: “Bringing purpose back to the pretty parts of the Pleiades.”

Our next target, where full scale hauling work is already underway, is Artemis Lodge in Celaeno. Like Titan’s Daughter, Artemis Lodge is located in a beautiful system, sitting directly above the rocky ring of a planet.

For now we want to take a moment to thank every single one of you who have continued to haul tirelessly and help us bring the Pleiades back to life. Us at IDA wish the Hive well with their newly repaired station and thank them for the help they provided in getting her repaired. Lastly, I would personally like to thank one of our Coordinators, @Zayn_till, who continually helped support the daily operations of IDA during the Titan’s Daughter repair efforts and beyond.

Awesome job IDA! o7

CMDR Light027

Jacob Musikantow