Completion of Cavalieri

Earlier today we completed Cavalieri!! Sadly this was not in game but was completed in our spreadsheet. First and foremost I would personally like to thank every one of you who helped with this, you guys are truly Awesome. The spreadsheet has been submitted to Fdev to show that the issue with deliveries not registering is still present.

The plan for this weekend is to reach 100% completion for Cavalieri. Which currently needs only 32k Beryllium. So to all of our long range haulers we could really use all of your help. Cavalieri is home to one of our ally groups The Hive and I know it would be greatly appreciated if we could have the station done for them as soon as possible. On Monday we will announce our next target for repair.

Again thank you all so much for being apart of IDA. Whether this is the first station you've contributed with, or if you're a seasoned vet who has been with us for months. Thank you so much, you all make this place incredibly special and something I personally am grateful for getting to be a part of.

Keep up the great work!


CMDR thnks4listening

Martin Inglis