The Cavalieri Prophecy Comes True

We have now completed Cavalieri in Electra and not just on paper! From next Thargsday it will be operating fully once again. Those newb hammers will be polished and the dents will be hammered out... they might even clean up the scorch marks.

We saw an amazing amount of Beryllium hauled over the last few days to finish the repairs. This is really good to see as all the remaining stations in the Pleiades need it in large quantities. Beryllium just isn't really very available locally. Well done everyone we've now repaired 10 stations as a group and there are now only 5 stations left to repair in the Pleiades!

Our next target is going to be Kipling Orbital in Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-11. We have our eye on Copernicus Observatory in Asterope but won't start on that until after our own in-game faction takes control of from Aegis Research.

As always, my thanks to you all for your commitment - whatever you're able to contribute. This community rocks.



Martin Inglis