Liman Legacy finished

Liman Legacy is now completed on the spreadsheet. We've seen some great efforts and lots of new members which is a beautiful thing to behold. We really have been smashing out the long range deliveries which is worthy of mention too. And that's all while the beta is happening. Nice one!

Our new target is Cleaver Prospect in Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57. This station is on the edge of the Pleiades, its location means that some of the long range commodities are a bit easier to reach - yet it is still within convenient range of our local source stations. After Cleaver Prospect has been finished we will most likely head back to Copernicus Observatory in Asterope to finish off the central zone of the Pleiades and then start making our way to the bubble - first stop on the way there will be Asami Orbital in Pleiades Sector JC-V d2-62.

We're still waiting for Chapter 4 to be released before we really know what's going on with the stations that aren't quite showing as complete in game. We have let FDev know of the issue and they have the data which you have all been kindly providing.

Thank you to everyone for your sterling efforts all across the board, we're nearly there with repairing the Pleiades. Another fine job from Operation Ida!



Martin Inglis