Kipling completed

Hey Everyone. After weeks of hauling only Beryllium, the end is finally in sight for Kipling Orbital. We only have 3,707 left to haul and the station is finally complete. Of course, our completion is still based on our spreadsheet and not on in game numbers. We hope with all this data we have collected from each one of your countless deliveries to present it to Fdev once again in hopes of fixing this in game bug.Thank you all so much for all your hard work, it truly is amazing.

The next station up for repair is Liman Legacy located in HIP 16753 so let's get to work. I’m sure we can finish this station easily along with every station afterwards, I mean we’re Operation IDA!!! We move mountains!!

Thank you all so much for all of your continuous support, we’ve been able to accomplish so much thanks to every single one of you, cheers


CMDR tnks4listening

Martin Inglis