Cyllene Orbital Finally Finished

Well done Operation Ida members - all the required commodities to repair Cyllene Orbital have been received. It's been a long slog to complete this station but it's good to know we will have another local refinery to help out with future repair efforts in the Pleaides. I know it has been particularly frustrating travelling over 12k LS to make regular deliveries in the Atlas system and having the corrupt, greedy swine called the local authorities divert your cargo elsewhere once it has been delivered. The workers who are finalizing the repairs have now apparently decided that they're unhappy with this state of affairs and are holding a strike until sometime next week so we will have to wait a few days before the station comes back online. Damn them all.

Thank you for your perseverance in making deliveries, and as always for the wonderful camaraderie that has been established. You are all awesome. The good news is that our next station will be a lot easier. As has been mentioned elsewhere before in the Discord this will be Borrego's Vision in Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-7.

Good luck, happy hauling and I look forward to meeting many of you out there!