Kamov Survey Complete

Another station has been completed! Awesome work everyone, Kamov Survey will be back online in the early hours of the 16th August.

Our next target is Bao Landing in HIP 17497. This is one of the last stations in the Pleiades that has fairly easy commodities to be delivered across the board. There are some delicious CMM's which may equally excite or disgust many of you out there.

While we were advised by FD that the cargo delivery bug had been fixed for stations, several players consistently observed missing deliveries for Kamov Survey. This time around we will be collecting data on all deliveries and reporting them to FD so this can be looked into further. To help us collect this data, please can you post what you have delivered in our new #deliveries-for-bao channel on discord. You can post what you've delivered for the day, or if it's easier for you then please feel free to post each delivery.

I'd like to also thank all those members of Ida who have helped out making this place operate efficiently while many of the current staff have been busy elsewhere. You all rock. We're currently expanding our staff list to ensure we can cater for everyone at all times. If you'd like to help out, please let us know!

Another fantastic job by Ida!



Martin Inglis