Kipling Almost There!

We're almost there!
Kipling Orbital only needs one more commodity to be completed (on paper) and that is Beryllium! Unfortunately, it seems that there's less than 2000 tons of beryllium available within 150 lightyears of Kipling, so it's going to be a bit of a long-haul (literally!) to finish this off, but we are Ida and we WILL complete this station

If you haven't been doing much of the long-range hauling, or if you're just looking to get some more range out of your ship, we have range-maximizing builds for the Anaconda , Type 9 , and Cutter pinned in #ed-ship-chat in discord and we're happy to offer outfitting advice for other ships as well. Every ship with cargo space is welcome to help out!

Stations that sell beryllium can be found using, but pay attention to the supercruise distance before you head out, or the Hutton Run might not feel quite so long after all!

Again, a huge thank you to each and every commander that has contributed to our repair efforts over the last eight months (holy space cows , we've been doing this for that long already?!). Your efforts make all of this possible and it is our privilege to be able to point at a station and say "let's fix that one next!"


CMDR trainphreak

Martin Inglis